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The Harmoneers
WLS National Barn Dance

About the Group

About The Group

Around 1945 or so, Reggie Cross (of the old Hoosier Sodbusters fame) was leading a new group called the Harmoneers on WLS. They had a weekly Saturday show called "Man On The Farm" and were also heard other times, including the WLS National Barn Dance.

During the war, it was noted that they "...did some weird repairing of old broken-down harmonicas" when they couldn't find new ones. And listeners also sent in hundreds of harmonicas, and they forwarded them on to the servicemen.

They used a variet of harmonics from as small as "watch charms" to as big as "stove wood" and the music came out under the direction of Reggie Cross.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Reggie Cross, formerly of Hoosier Sodbusters
  • Leonard Fergon
  • John Thomas
  • Don Jogo

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-1979 A Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  20-1979 B On The Jericho Road
  20-2140 A Empty Mansion
  20-2140 B I'll Meet You In The Morning
  20-2291 A The Sweetest Song I Know
  20-2291 B There Is A Change
  20-2475 A Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory
  20-2475 B My Labor Will Be O'Er
  20-2578 A As For Me And My House
  20-2578 B Road Of Life
  20-2773 A I'll Fly Home
  20-2773 B Well Done, My Child
  20-2881 A Rock Of Ages
  20-2881 B Tell Me The Old Old Story
  20-2882 A Church In The Wildwood
  20-2882 B Have Thine Own Way, Lord
  20-2883 A I Love To Tell The Story
  20-2883 B Just As I Am
  20-2884 A Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  20-2884 B Softly And Tenderly
  20-3107 A I Have A Home
  20-3107 B Living With Jesus
  20-4292 A Gonna Sail Away
  20-4292 B Is It Well With Your Soul?
  20-4391 A Weapon Of Prayer
  20-4391 B What Could I Do?
  20-4480 A We'll Talk It Over
  20-4480 B You Better Get Ready For Judgement
  20-4533 A Empty Mansion
  20-4533 B Where Could I Go?
  20-4534 A Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  20-4534 B Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory
  20-4535 A Hide Me, Rock Of Ages
  20-4535 B I'll Meet You In The Morning
  20-4536 A I'm Free Again
  20-4536 B I've Been List'Ning In On Heaven
  21-0480 A Peace In The Valley
  21-0480 B Journey To The Sky