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Pokey and Chuck
WLS National Barn Dance

About the Group

About The Group

Around 1939, WLS had a homespun type of comedy duo named Pokey and Chuck. They did a spot on the WLS National Barn Dance called "Open House". Both hailed from the state of Oklahoma. Chuck had a 'trigger mind' and was a contrast to Pokey who had a 'drawly, unhurried way' of talking.

Chuck would usually tell of some humorous stories in the news. Pokey would follow up with a tall tale. They said Pokey could 'spin yarns by the hour' and you would almost end up believing him.

Chuck also hosted a show called Man on the Farm and later, put his collection of odd facts and stories on a show called Something To Talk About.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Pokey Martin, native of Durant, Oklahoma (real name Don Hoyte Allen)
  • Chuck Acree, native of Oklahoma