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Delmore Brothers
Alabama Music Hall of Fame (1989)
Country Music Hall of Fame (2001)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1971)
WLW Boone County Jamboree
WIBC Indianapolis, IN
WMC Memphis, TN

About the Group

About The Group

One of the early brother teams on WSM's Grand Ole Opry was the legendary Delmore Brothers. They were natives "...of the flat land at the tip of the Cumberland Mountains in Alabama."

The Delmore Brothers brought a distinctive Alabama sound of old time music. That led to an exclusive recording contract with the RCA Victor Company then.

Their songs and harmonies influenced other groups that followed them. Look for us to add more about them down the road.

Credits & Sources

  • The Vagabonds, Herald, Dean, Curt, Old Cabin Songs No. 3; Forster Music Publisher, 1934, Chicago, Illinois.

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The Delmore Brothers

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5299 A Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  5299 B Lonesome Yodel Blues
  5338 A Bury Me Out On The Prairie
  5338 B The Frozen Girl
  5358 A I'M Going Back To Alabama
  5358 B I'M Leaving You
  5403 A Brown's Ferry Blues
  5467 A Ramblin Minded Blues
  5467 B I Ain't Got Nowhere To Travel
  5531 A I've Got The Big River Blues
  5531 B Blue Railroad Train
  5589 A Girls Don't Worry My Mind
  5589 B Smoky Mountain Bill
  5653 A I Ain't Gonna Stay Here Long
  5653 B I'm Mississippi Bound
  5741 A Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
  5741 B Banks Of The Rio Grande
  5857 A Hey! Hey! I'm Memphis Bound
  5857 B I Believe It, For My Mother Told Me So
  5893 A Brown's Ferry Blues Pt.2
  5893 B I'm Going Away
  5925 A Blow Your Whistle, Freight Train
  5925 B Lorena The Slave
  5957 A I Long To See My Mother
  5957 B When It's Summertime In A Southern Clime
  8557 A Raining On The Mountain
  8557 B That's How I Feel, So Goodbye
  8613 A The Storms Are On The Ocean
  8613 B Happy On The Mississippi Shore
  8637 A Heart Of Sorrow
  8637 B Promise Me You'll Always Be Faithful
  8687 A That Yodelin' Gal, Miss Julie
  8687 B Take Me Back To The Range
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15724 D A Got The Kansas City Blues
  15724 D B Alabama Lullaby
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  46049 A Precious Jewel
  46049 B Gospel Cannon
  5878 A Theres Trouble On My Mind
  5878 B Silver Dollar
  5890 A In The Blue Hills Of Virginia
  5890 B Old Mountain Dew
  5897 A Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me
  5897 B Gathering Flowers From The Hill
  5907 A She Wont Be My Lil Darling
  5907 B Broken Hearted Lover
  5925 A Will You Be Lonesome Too
  5925 B Wh Its Time For Whipoorwil
  5970 A Gospel Cannonball
  5970 B Precious Jewel
  6000 A Last Night I Was Your Only One
  6000 B Now I Have Bugle To Play
  6051 A Baby Girl
  6051 B I Wonder Where My Darling
  6080 A I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  6080 B New False Hearted Girl
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  503 A Sweet, Sweet Thing
  503 B Prisoner's Farewell
  509 A Remember I Feel Lonely
  509 B Last Old Shovel
  514 A Midnite Special
  514 B Why Did You Leave Me, Dear
  5224 A Blues Stay Away From Me
  5224 B Muddy Water
  527 A I'm Sorry I Caused You To Cry
  527 B Hillbilly Boogie
  533 A She Left Me Standing On The Mountain
  533 B I'm Lonesome Without You
  5407 A Silver Threads Among The Gold
  5407 B Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
  548 A Midnight Train
  548 B Don't Forget Me
  5675 A Blues Stay Away From Me
  5675 B Trouble Ain't Nothing But The Blues
  570 A Freight Train Boogie
  570 B Somebody Else's Darling
  5866 A Freight Train Boogie
  5866 B Sweet Sweet Thing
  592 A Brown's Ferry Blues
  592 B Mississippi Show
  599 A Boogie Woogie Baby
  599 B Born To Be Blue
  643 A Harmonica Blues
  643 B Rounder's Blues
  718 A Peach Tree Street Boogie
  718 B Take It To The Captain
  739 A Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
  739 B Now I'm Free
  751 A Stop That Boogie
  751 B Shame On Me
  769 A The Wrath Of God
  769 B Calling To That Other Shore
  803 A Blues Stay Away From Me
  803 B Goin' Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains
  826 A Pan American Boogie
  826 B Troubles Ain't Nothin' But The Blues
  873 A My Heart Will Be Cryin'
  873 B Some Day You'll Pay
  927 A Be My Sunshine
  927 B Freight Train
  935 A Field Hand Man
  935 B Gotta' Have Some Lovin'
  946 A Lonesome Day
  946 B Everybody Loves Her
  966 A Who's Gonna Be Lonesome For Me
  966 B Tennessee Choo Choo
  981 A There's Something Bout Love
  981 B The Girl By The River
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4420 A Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  4458 A The Frozen Girl
  4458 B Bury Me Out On The Prairie
  4459 A I'm Leaving You
  4459 B I'm Going Back To Alabama
  4552 A I Believe It, For My Mother Told Me So
  4552 B I Long To See My Mother
  4553 A Brown's Ferry Blues Pt.2
  4553 B Hey! Hey! I'm Memphis Bound
  4750 B Brown's Ferry Blues
  4751 A Down South
  4751 B Alabama Lullaby
  4752 A Keep The Camp Fires Burning
  4752 B The Fugitive's Lament
  4753 A It's Takin' Me Down
  4753 B Nashville Blues
  4754 A I'm Gonna Change My Way
  4754 B I'm Worried Now
  7150 A No Drunkard Can Enter Here
  7150 B No One
  7151 A I Don't Know Why I Love Her
  7151 B Southern Moon
  7152 A Memories Of My Carolina Girl
  7152 B Don't Forget Me, Darling
  7153 A Blind Child
  7153 B False Hearted Girl
  7154 A The Budded Rose
  7154 B Are You Marching With The Savior
  7155 A There's More Pretty Girl Than One (Pt.2)
  7156 A Singing The House Of David Blues
  7156 B Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
  7157 A Kilby Jail (Little Darling)
  7157 B It's Hard To Please Your Mistress
  7317 A It's Wonderful There
  7317 B Heavenly Light Is Shining On Me
  7318 A Lead Me
  7318 B I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love
  7319 A I've Got The Railroad Blues
  7319 B Weary Lonesome Blues
  7320 A The Farmers Girl
  7320 B Singing My Troubles Away
  7321 A They Say It Is Sinful To Flirt
  7321 B Till The Roses Bloom Again
  7322 A When We Held Our Hymn Books Together
  7322 B Look Up, Look Down The Lonesome Road
  7473 A In That Vine Covered Chapel In The Valley
  7473 B Careless Love
  7474 A Cause I Don't Mean To Cry When You're Gone
  7474 B Big Ball In Texas
  7475 A There's A Lonesome Road
  7475 B Brother Take Warning
  7476 A Henpecked Husband Blues
  7476 B Answer To More Pretty Girls Than One
  7677 A Leaving On That Train
  7677 B The Cannon Ball
  7678 A My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
  7678 B Fifteen Miles From Birmingham
  7679 A The Only Star
  7679 B Where Is My Sailor Boy
  7695 A I'm Alabama Bound
  7695 B Nothing But The Blues
  7696 A Heart Of Sorrow
  7696 B Some Of These Days You're Gonna Be Sad
  7697 A Quit Treating Me Mean
  7697 B Git Along
  7698 A A Better Range Is Home
  7698 B Just The Same Sweet Thing To Me
  7849 A My Smoky Mountain Gal
  7849 B Alcatraz Island Blues
  7850 A Goin' Back To Georgia
  7850 B Wabash Blues
  7851 A Home On The River
  7851 B I Loved You Better Than You Knew
  7852 A Don't Let My Ramblin' Bother Your Mind
  7852 B Baby, You're Throwing Me Down
  7853 A Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow
  7853 B Ain't It Hard To Love
  8685 A Scatterbrain Mama
  8685 B Wabash Cannon Ball Blues
  8686 A The Dying Truckdriver
  8686 B Over The Hills
  8687 A See That Coon In A Hickory Tree
  8687 B Happy On The Mississippi Shore
  8688 A That's How I Feel, So Goodbye
  8688 B Raining On The Mountain
  8689 A Back To Birmingham
  8689 B The Storms Are On The Ocean
  8690 A God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds
  8690 B Eastern Gate