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The Hiawatha Ramblers

About The Group

The Hiawatha Ramblers were making a name for themselves as they did appearances in the upper Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois areas. They appear to have originated somewhere near the Lake Superior area.

In 1951, they appeared with Gene Autry at the Illionis State Fair in Springfield.

In 1953, they were in a long engagement at the Miller High Life Spa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, having performed there for 48 consecurtive weeks. A 1954 ad featuring the group in the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper indicates the club was at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and North Fifth Street in Milwaukee. The manager was Roy Tako.

The band also had their own televsion show, "The Rhythm Roundup".

Roaming around the internet, the band was also said to have been one of the earliest shows on station WLUC-TV in Negaunee, in the upper Michigan area. Another site notes that they later became a polka band and did several recordings on the

A 1953 article mentioned that they had recorded several tunes, including:

  • Lyin' Lips
  • I Love A Steel Guitar
  • Cowboy From Manhattan
  • Montana Anna
No mention however was made of what label they recorded for and we have not been able to document this yet. Another site notes that they later became a polka and and did several recordings on the Rambler label. At that time, it appeared Ray Adamini was leading the group. Other sources found indicate the group also recorded for the Radiant and Disc Jockey record labels.

In November or December 1954, Billboard reported the group was part of a big celebratory "jamboree" show being sponsored by WTMJ and WTMJ-TV. The show was to celebrate the second anniversary of the show hosted by Joe Shott and His Hot Shots. The emcee for the program was Gordon Hinkley. The show was to be at George Divine's Millionaire Ballroom. Tickets were being sold at 50cents apiece. Also slated for that anniversary show were Dick Hiorns, The Winkert Sisters, Lary Lee, Ken Murphy, the Stone Sisters, Eddie Wolford, Mary Halloran, Maryln Mallas, Margaret Polsen, Elaine Simerlain, Johnny Aldon and Willie Kolbe and Terry Faith.

In 2006, Lloyd (Slim) Miller passed away. In 2013, Bill Mitchell passed away.

Timeline & Trivia Notes Group Members:

  • Bill Mitchell, leader, steel guitar
  • Ray Admamini, accordion
  • Bill Pocisu, guitar
  • Lloyd Miller, bass
  • Jeanneane Adamini, guitar

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs; Issue No. 29; November 1953; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT
  • The Billboard; January 13, 1951; Billboard; Cincinnati, OH
  • The Billboard; Novermber 27, 1954; Billboard; Cincinnati, OH
  • The Milwaukee Sentinel; January 30, 1954; Milwaukee, WI

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Disc Jockey
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1011/12 A Lyin' Lips
  1011/12 B (I Lost My Blues In) Happy Valley
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1013/14 A No One To Cry To (v/Jeannane Nason)
  1013/14 B I Love A Steel Guitar (v/Jeannane Nason)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  GB-720 A Michigan Waltz
  GB-720 B Raindrop Polka
  GB-914 A I Should Be The First To Know
  GB-914 B I Betcha

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