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Kentucky Girls
KMBC Kansas City, MO

About The Group

During our research we found that there was more than one group called the Kentucky Girls. This particular duo was a mother - daughter team.

The mother was Mrs. H. S. Berry. Singing harmony and playing the guitar with her was her daughter, Helena Berry Edmonson. They lived in Independence, Missouri at the time.

The Kentucky Girls made their debut on the Sears-Roebuck Barndance program from KMBC on February 16, 1928. An old 1929 song booklet tells us they sang mountain ballads and other old time songs of Dixie. It also appears that another soon to be well known singer was also appearing on KMBC, the Arkansas Woodchopper. Also at the station was George C. Biggar.

Mrs. Berry was born in Weakley County, Tennessee but grew up in Graves County, Kentucky. When Helena was a child, the family moved to Missouri for reasons we have not been able to document.

It was said that Mrs. Berry learned to sing from her father, mother and Reese Emerson, a veteran singing teacher.

However, the booklet did contain one sad note. There is a short note pasted into the booklet that tells readers that Helena died on February 20, 1929, a few days before the book was published and distributed.

Credits and Sources

  • Radio Book of Favorite Mountain Ballads and Cowboy Songs; 1929; George C. Biggar; Kansas City, MO

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