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Reno and Smiley
Bluegrass Hall of Honor (1992)
New Dominion Barn Dance
WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Reno and Smiley. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything about this artist yet.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15649 a Cotton-Eyed Joe
  15649 b Where Did Our Young Years Go
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1045 A I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map
  1045 B Hear Jerusalem Mourn
  1079 A I Want To Live Like Christ, My Savior
  1079 B Let In The Guiding Light
  1104 A Crazy Finger Blues
  1104 B Maybe You Will Change Your Mind
  1128 A The Lord's Last Supper
  1128 B There's A Highway To Heaven
  1150 A Tennessee Cutup Breakdown
  1150 B I'm Gone, Long Gone
  1162 A Some Beautiful Day
  1162 B Jesus Is Standing At My Right Hand
  1199 A A Pretty Wreath For Mother's Grave
  1199 B A Rose On God's Shore
  1235 A Choking The Strings
  1235 B I'm The Talk Of The Town
  1263 A He's Coming Back To Earth Again
  1263 B My Mother's Bible
  1283 A I Could Cry
  1283 B Tennessee Breakdown
  1303 A I Can Hear The Angels Singing
  1303 B Mountain Church
  1352 A Tree Of Life
  1352 B Someone Will Love Me In Heaven
  1360 A Emotions
  1360 B Tally-Ho
  1377 A Since I've Used My Bible For A Road Map
  1377 B My Shepherd Is God
  1390 A Your Tears Are Just Interest On The Loan
  1390 B Dixie Breakdown
  1409 A I'm Building A Mansion In Heaven
  1409 B Springtime In Heaven
  1433 A Mack's Hoedown
  1433 B I'm The Biggest Liar In Town
  1458 A Charlotte Breakdown
  1458 B It's Grand To Have Someone To Love You
  1473 A Jesus Is Waiting
  1473 B How I Miss My Darling Mother
  1474 A Home Sweet Home
  1474 B Green Mountain Hop
  1490 A Barefoot Nellie
  1490 B Reno Ride
  1509 A Double Banjo Blues
  1509 B Trail Of Sorrow
  4875 A Family Altar
  4875 B I'm So Happy
  5002 A Country Boy Rock 'N Roll
  5002 B Cumberland Gap
  5024 A Forgotten Men
  5024 B Kneel Down
  5046 A I Know You're Married
  5046 B Beer Barrel Polka
  5065 A Never Get To Hold You In My Arms
  5065 B When You And I ...
  5079 A No Longer A Sweetheart
  5079 B Richmond Ruckus
  5126 A Always Be Kind To Your Mother
  5126 B Springtime In Dixie
  5200 A I Wouldn't Change You
  5200 B Little Rock Getaway
  5221 A The New Jerusalem
  5221 B God's Record Book Of Life
  5260 A Pretending
  5260 B Sockeye
  5277 A Banjo Special
  5277 B Under Your Spell Again
  5286 A Jesus Will Save Your Soul
  5286 B Whispering Hope
  5296 A Lonesome Wind Blues
  5296 B She Has Forgotten
  5320 A Money, Marbles And Chalk
  5320 B Freight Train Boogie
  5346 A Mountain Rosa Lee
  5346 B Eight More Miles To Louisville
  5369 A Dark As A Dungeon
  5369 B East Bound Freight Train
  5401 A I'm Blue And I'm Lonesome
  5401 B The Lord's Last Supper
  5432 A Bringin' In The Georgia Trail
  5432 B Please Remember That I Love You
  5469 A Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
  5469 B Born To Lose
  5520 A Love Oh Love Please Come
  5520 B Double Eagle
  5554 A That Moon Is No Stopping Place
  5554 B Holiday Religion
  5583 A Jesus Answers My Prayer
  5583 B Higher
  5650 A When It's Time For The Whip-Poor-Will To Sing
  5650 B Washington And Lee Swing
  5673 A The Everglades
  5673 a The Everglades
  5673 B Ten Paces
  5673 b Ten Paces
  5697 A I'll See It Happen To You
  5697 B Don't Let Temptation Turn You Round
  5728 A It's A Sin
  5728 a It's A Sin
  5728 B Grandfather's Clock
  5729 b Grandfather's Clock
  5772 A Lady Of Spain
  5772 a Lady of Spain
  5772 B Just About Then
  5772 b Just About Then
  5808 A I'm Jealous Of You
  5808 a I'm Jealous Of You
  5808 B Only In A Dream World
  5808 b Only In A Dream World
  5814 A Christmas Reunion
  5814 B True Meaning Of Christmas
  5875 A Things Are Gonna Be Different
  5875 B Too Many Teardrops
  5905 A Black And White Rag
  5905 B Dill Pickles
  5915 A There Ain't Nobody Gonna Kiss Me
  5915 a There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
  5915 B I Don't Blame You
  5915 b I Don't Blame You
  5921 A Mansion In The Sky
  5921 B Amazing Grace
  5927 A The Road Of Broken Hearts
  5927 a The Road of Broken Hearts
  5927 B You're Living A Lie
  5927 b (I Can See That) You're Loving Me
  5935 A Forever
  5935 B Tragic Romance
  5936 A A Lonely Road When You're All Alone
  5936 B I Know Your Burdens
  5937 A Chinese Breakdown
  5937 B Just A Country Banjo
  5938 A River Of Jordan
  5938 B Echoes From The Burning Bush

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