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Homer & Jethro
Country Music Hall of Fame (2001)
WLS National Barn Dance
KWTO Springfield, MO
WNOX Knoxville, TN

About The Group

This legendary group was very early in their career when they were part of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance crew. These guys drifted out of the Tennesse mountains to see if John Lair's show would have a place for them. And they did. And the rest of the story is history as they say.

John Lair said they had this 'something different' that all radio programmers were looking for. And the surprise to them was that they were going to get paid to be on the Barn Dance and the Monday night broadcast from the old log schoolhouse.

They got many offers, but for a while anyhow, they stayed with the Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

Trivia and Timeline Notes

Group Members:

  • Homer Haynes
  • Jethro Burns

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  571 A Five Minutes More
  571 B Rye Whiskey
  5747 A Five Minutes More
  5747 B Tell A Woman
  583 A Boll Weevil
  583 B Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
  596 A Over The Rainbow
  596 B Ground Hog
  615 A For Sentimental Reasons
  615 B Cielito Lindo
  620 A Managua, Nicaragua
  620 B Bill Bailey
  659 A Donkey Serenade
  659 B Fly Birdie, Fly
  682 A Three Nights Experience
  682 B I Wonder Who's....
  695 A (Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph) Tell A Woman
  695 B Oh, You Beautiful Doll
  701 A I Bruised Her Somewhat
  701 B You Gotta See Mama Every Night
  721 A It's A Bloody War
  721 B Glow Worm
  731 A Blue Tail Fly
  731 B All Night Long
  773 A The Girl On The Police Gazette
  773 B Poor Little Liza, Poor Girl
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-4239 A I Love You A Thousand Ways #2
  20-4239 B Sound Off #2
  20-4290 A Too Old To Cut The Mustard
  20-4290 B Too Young
  20-4397 A Alabama Jubilee
  20-4397 B Cold Cold Heart #2
  20-4557 A Slow Poke #2
  20-4557 B When It's Toothpickin' Time
  20-4770 A I'm Yourn
  20-4770 B L'Il Old Kiss Of Fire
  20-4936 A Billboard Song
  20-4936 B Child Psychology
  20-5043 A Jam-Bowl-Liar
  20-5043 B You Belong To Me #2
  20-5099 A Screwball's Love Song
  20-5099 B Settin' The World On Fire #2
  20-5214 A Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
  20-5214 B Unhappy Day
  20-5280 A Poor Old Koo-Liger
  20-5280 B That Hound Dog In The Window
  20-5372 A I'm Walking Behind You All
  20-5372 B Mexican Joe No. 6 7/8
  20-5429 A Gambler's Gift
  20-5429 B Your Clobbered Heart
  20-5456 A I Saw Mommy Smootching Santa Claus
  20-5456 B My Upper Plate (All I Want For Xmas..))
  20-5555 A Hey Schmo
  20-5555 B You, Ewe, U
  20-5633 A Oh My Papa
  20-5633 B Swappin' Partners
  20-5708 A Crazy Mized Up Song
  20-5708 B That Tired Run Down Feeling
  20-5788 A Hernando's Hide-A-Way
  20-5788 B Wanted
  20-5867 A Hey There
  20-5867 B They Were Doin' The Mambo
  20-5903 A Santa Baby
  20-5903 B The Night After Christmas
  20-6029 A Mister Sandman
  20-6029 B Nutty Lady Of Shady Lane
  20-6053 A Let Me Go Blubber
  20-6053 B Over The Rainbow
  20-6178 A Ballad Of Davy Crew Cut
  20-6178 B Pickin' And Singin' Medley No.1
  20-6241 A Listen To The Gooney Bird
  20-6241 B Yaller Rose Of Texas, You All
  20-6322 A Nuttin' For Christmas
  20-6322 B Santa's Movin' On
  20-6342 A Sifting Whispering Sands
  20-6342 B They Laid Him In The Ground
  20-6374 A Love And Marriage
  20-6374 B This Is A Wife
  20-6542 A Hart Brake Motel
  20-6542 B Two Tone Shoes
  20-6651 A Just Be Here
  20-6651 B Where Is That Doggone Gal Of Mine?
  20-6706 A Houn Dog
  20-6706 B Screen Door
  20-6765 A I'm My Own Grandpa
  20-6765 B Mama From The Train
  20-6954 A Gone
  20-6954 B Ramblin' Rose
  20-7030 A Kentucky
  20-7030 B My Dog Likes Your Dog
  20-7162 A At The Flop
  20-7162 B My Special Angel
  205535 A Hay Schmo!
  205535 B You-Ewe-U
  47-5280 A (How Much Is) That Hound Dog In The Window
  47-5280 B Pore Ol' Koo-Liger
  47-5708 A That Tired Run down Feeling
  47-5708 B Crazy Mixed Up Song
  47-6178 A Davy Crew-cut
  47-6178 B Pickin' and Singin' Medley No. 1
  6706 A Houn' Dog
  6706 B Screen Door

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