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Joe Schott
and His Hot Shots
WTMJ Milwaukee, WI

About The Artist

We first found mention of Joe Schott and his Hot Shots in a late 1953 article that fins him and his band entertaining the listeners over radio station WTMJ out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The band also had a televsion show on WTMJ-TV at 3:00pm called "The Hot Shot Revue". The show was aired "live" and also featured the Winkert Sisters and guitarist Dick Hiorns. Their announcer was Gordon Hinkley.

One highlight came from an early broadcast of that television show when they did their rendition of the classic tune, "Tennessee Waltz". It went over very well and received rave compliments from Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys, which had their own hit version of it. The band may have been able to tune in as the article notes that they called just after the broadcast to give them their praise.

Timeline & Trivia Notes Group Members:

  • Joe (Half) Schott
  • Alex (Two Gun Pedro) Mayr
  • Erv (Flip) Mushea
  • Irv (Cactus Butch) Brykczynski
  • Bob (Hopalong) Hert
  • Joe (Cowboy) Potzner

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs; Issue No. 29; November 1953; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT