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Smokey Pleacher
Born:  September 30, 1921
Died:  September 15, 1971
WWVA Original Jamboree

About The Artist

Pennsylvania-born Charles Eugene "Smokey" Pleacher was a noted country music comedian working most often with groups in the Northern states. Like many successful comics, Pleacher had minimal interest in formal education, but learned much about inducing laughter from an audience.

He launched these efforts at age fourteen winning a local talent show and then taking the route of an earlier generation in gaining humor experience by joining a medicine show.

Smokey's association with radio country music began about 1938 with the Old Farm Hour at WCHS in Charleston, WV and various groups in Pennsylvania.

After three years in service during World War II, he returned to the microphone stage chalking up more experience with Rambling Lou Schriver, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, and Joe and Shirley Barker, the latter three at WWVA.

Then he spent nine months with Doc Williams as a temporary replacement for an ailing "Hiram Hayseed."

He was based in Nashville for a time, where he entertained with Jean Shepard, Hawkshaw Hawkins (again), and Lonzo and Oscar.

Smokey Pleacher - WWVA Smokey Pleacher - WWVA

It appears that in 1957, Smokey teamed up with June Carter and developed a comedy routine that was a hit with the Grand Ole Opry audiences.

Traveling to Nevada, he brought laughter in Las Vegas with the Judy Lynn Show and in Reno at Harold's Club.

In 1962, he returned to WWVA and Doc Williams' Border Riders where he stayed until his passing nine years later. Doc always thought of Smokey as his favorite comic.

In 1965, he recorded an album for Wheeling Records and then a second one which was released after his death.

In many promnotional ads for Smokey, a humorous little poem was a part of it snf was also on the cover of his album "Smokey Pleacher" (Wheeling LP 4444):

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
God made me cute
What happened to you"

Smokey died after a lengthy illness at the Altoona (PA) Veterans' Hospital in September 1971. The short article mentioning his passing was carried in newspapers around the country. Some mentioned his association with the WWVA Jamboree, others mentioned the Grand Ole Opry.

Promo Ad - Smokey Pleacher with Hawkshaw Hawkins - Altoona PA 1957 Promo Ad - Smokey Pleacher with Judy Lynn - Twin Falls ID - June 1960
Promo Ad - Smokey Pleacher with Doc Williams - Glenn Falls, NY 1964 Promo Ad - Smokey Pleacher and His Kin Folks - Max Raney's Bar M Ranch - East Bloomfield NY - 1950

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