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Durwood Haddock
Born:  August 16, 1934
KFST Fort Stockton, TX
KPET Lamesa, TX
KSEY Seymour, TX
KTAN Sherman, TX (1955)
KERB Kermit, TX (1957)

About The Artist

Durwood Haddock Durwood Martin Haddock was born in rural Fannin County Texas where he developed an interest in country music and the broadcast industry and has spent the major part of his career doing both. He has lived and worked all over the state of Texas and by the time he finished high school in Denison, Texas he could already play several instruments, guitar, mandolin and fiddle.

He was more interested however, in broadcast, so he moved to Tyler, Texas where he attended a Broadcast Trade School at Tyler Commercial College in l952-53.

After college, for a short time he worked for KSEY a small station in Seymour, Texas; after which, he moved back to Denison, Texas where he took up his interest in music. There he organized a teenage group and played school shows in and around Denison. He also found work as a musician across the state line in southern Oklahoma honkytonks.

Durwood Haddock In l954 Haddock was offered his first professional gig as a musician. and a move to Odessa, Texas where he played fiddle for Tiny Colbert at Danceland the largest dance venue in West Texas at that time.

Unfortunately the crowds fell off three months later so another change was inevitable. Haddock and Colbert then moved to Weaver’s Inn, a small honky-tonk in Kermit, Texas forty four miles west.

During this time Haddock met songwriter Eddie Miller who was a friend and fellow musician of Tiny Colbert. Headquartered at the time in Lamesa, Texas the three of them including two other musicians worked various venues including shows and honkytonks in West Texas. There they also appeared for a short time on KPET radio in that city.

Miller, who recorded for 4 Star Records and wrote for their publishing company had a top ten hit, with Release Me, by Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters.

It was there in Lamesa that Miller and Haddock came up with the title There She Goes, inspired by an old oil field slang "Thar She Blows" used by the drillers when a well came in. Haddock recorded it first for Four Star Records, under the name Durwood Daily but the record was unsuccessful.

Durwood Haddock However, in l955 country singer, Carl Smith covered it for Columbia Records and it became a top five chart in Billboard Magazine that same year.

In l955 with the success of There She Goes, Haddock decided to try it on his own and wrangled his own fifteen minute radio show on KTAN, a small station in North Texas serving the Sherman/Denison area. The enterprise was unsuccessful and he decided to move back to Odessa, Texas.

He had married a year earlier and a new addition Darrell (1955) was on the way and later a daughter Cindy (l958) so steady work was of the essence.

Back in West Texas, he worked at various clubs and eventually tried radio again. His second attempt took him to KFST in Ft. Stockton, Texas.

Durwood Haddock After a three month stint, the manager decided that the station couldn't afford to pay him his fifty dollar a week salary so he was dismissed. Several radio jobs later, he finally found a home at KERB in Kermit, Texas where he stayed from l957 to l962.

There he worked as Disc Jockey, salesman and assistant manager while playing clubs and various other venues on weekends.

In l957, Durwood decided to record again. He cut two sides titled, That's The Way It Goes b/w I'm A Lonesome Ole Boy released under the name Durwood Daly for the small indy label, Caprock Records headquartered n Big Spring, Texas.

While the record was only successful regionally, That's The Way It Goes resulted in Durwood's induction into The Rockabilly Hall of Fame years later.

In l958,he teamed with songwriter Jack Rhodes (Silver Threads And Golden Needles and Satisfied Mind) who produced his third release for D Records based in Houston, Texas titled East Dallas Dagger b/w What Difference Does It Make? That same year D Records released another self-penned single, How Lonesome Can I Get b/w Start All Over.

During these years he intermittently appeared on the Big 'D' Jamboree in Dallas and enjoyed regional airplay and sales in the southwest.

There She Goes, has been and is an exceptional career song for Durwood since it has been recorded by hundreds of artists both known and unknown over the past half-century.

In 2005 There He Goes was featured in the film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things from the book of the same title and starred Asia Argento, Peter Fonda, Marilyn Manson, Wynona Ryder and Micheal Pitt. The DVD of the movie was released 2006.

Another of his songs, I Don't Wanta was included on the soundtrack in the 2003 movie The Whole Ten Yards which starred Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry.

Durwood also recorded a tribute CD to accompany a biography written by his friend Arnold Rogers along with Jerry Langley on the life and times of Jenny Lou Carson. Durwood stated on the CD that he aimed to try and capture the songs and styles of the original tunes in his efforts as part of a CD to accompany the book. We've listened to the CD several times - Durwood knows that early sound and you can hear the effect of Red Foley and Eddy Arnold on his efforts.

Credits and Sources

  • Hillbily-music.com wishes to thank Durwood Haddock for providing us with information about his career as well as sending along a copy of his CD tribute to Jenny Lou Carson and the biography written by Arnold Rogers and Jerry Langley

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

4 Star
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  105 A There She Goes (as Durwood Daily)
  105 B I Don't Wanta (as Durwood Daily)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  108 A That's The Way It Goes
  108 B I'm A Lonesome Old Boy
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1100 A What Difference Does It Make (as Durwood Daily)
  1100 B East Dallas Dagger (as Durwood Daily)
  1228 A Start All Over
  1228 B How Lonesome Can I Get
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1080 A I'm Gonna Quit Thinking
  1080 B Wait Till I Get My Hands On You
  1112 A Mac The Merchant
  1112 B Newest Thing In Night Life

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