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Dalton Bruce
Born:  March 31, 1909
Died:  December 19, 1964
KBWD Brownwood, TX
KFPL Dublin, TX
KGKB Tyler, TX
KRIG Odessa, TX
KRLD Dallas, TX

About The Artist

Dalton Brue told the readers of Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder in 1947 that he was born in Nolan County, Texas. He was still single at the time, but noted, '...have hopes'.

In that letter to the editor, he tells readers that he started entertaining audiences in 1932 and kept at it.

The first station he worked for was KGKB in Brownwood, Texas. Then he moved on to KFPL in Dublin, Texas. He did some time as a character named "Lumberjack". It gets a bit confusing as he mentions the shows were 'sustaining' and were also broadcast over KFYO in Lubbock and KRLD in Dallas (with Sterling Life Insurance as a sponsor) and KBWD in Brownwood. He noted that there were other stations he worked at, but he noted, "...it sounds like an announcer at a train terminal."

He told readers what his act was like. He sang novelty songs, Westerns and some popular songs of the day. He also did imitations of musical instruments such as the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, bass and violin. He also claimed he could impersonate a 'negro quartet', one voice at a time.

In 1947, he had his own show that aired over KRIG in Odessa, Texas called "Home Town". The show included characters such as Grandpa Spears, Jess Hawthorne (the country boy), Anthony Sawyer (ex-service man), Ethelbert Hollis (mayor of Home Town), Arabella (a little girl of five years old) and numerous other minor charcters. He stated that the story and the 'acting' was all done by him, a virtual one-man show.

Credits & Sources

  • Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder; New Series No. 14; February-March, 1947; Mountain Broadcast Pub. Co., Inc.; 45 Astor Place; New York, NY

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