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Lou Monte
Born:  April 2, 1917
Died:  June 11, 1989

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

AFE Records
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  AFE-100 A Shadda Up You Face
  AFE-100 B Lazy Mary
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1407 A She's Got To Be A Saint
  1407 B An Old Fashioned Girl
  530 A I Really Don't Want To Know
  530 B I Have An Angel In Heaven
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  9001 A The Long Way
  9001 B Repeat These Words After Me
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3643 A Paul Revere's Horse
  3643 B Jerusalem, Jerusalem
  3652 A Crabs Walk Sideways
  3652 B Nicolina
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  MU 1409 A My Wife, The Dancer
  MU 1409 B Leaky Gondola
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  47-5382 A Jealous of You
  47-5382 B Angelina
  47-5496 A A Baby Cried
  47-5496 B One Moment More
  47-5611 A Darktown Strutters Ball
  47-5611 B I Know How You Feel
  47-5691 A Somewhere There Is Someone
  47-5691 B Won't You Forgive Me
  47-5778 A Vera's Veranda
  47-5778 B Chain Reaction
  47-5832 A Italian Huckle Buck
  47-5832 B Just Like Before
  47-5883 A When I Hold You In My Arms
  47-5883 B In My Dreams
  47-5963 A Cats Whiskers
  47-5963 B Roulette
  47-5993 A How Important Can It Be
  47-5993 B Truly Yours
  47-6072 A The Italian Wallflower
  47-6072 B Dreamboat
  47-6133 A Bella Notte
  47-6133 B With You Beside Me
  47-6246 A Yaller Yaller Gold
  47-6246 B King Of The River
  47-6287 A Tombolee Tombola
  47-6287 B Rosina
  47-6320 A Santo Natale
  47-6320 B Italian Jingle Bells
  47-6403 A Nina, The Queen of the Teeners
  47-6403 B Pony Tail
  47-6522 A If I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked A Cake
  47-6522 B Ask Your Heart
  47-6704 A Elvis Presley For President
  47-6704 B If I Was A Millionaire
  47-6769 A Roman Guitar
  47-6769 B Some Cloud Above
  47-6848 A Calypso Italiano
  47-6848 B Someone Else Is Taking You Home
  47-6951 A Musica Bella
  47-6951 B The Wife
  47-7061 A Ha! Ha! Ha!
  47-7061 B Round and Round My Heart
  47-7160 A Lazy Mary
  47-7160 B Angelique
  47-7265 A The Shiek Of Araby
  47-7265 B Eh, Marie, Eh, Marie!
  47-7346 A Marianna
  47-7346 B Strada 'Nfosa
  47-7423 A Skinny Lena
  47-7423 B Where Do You Work Marie
  47-7467 A Pizza boy-U.S.A.
  47-7467 B The Italian Cowboy Song
  47-7523 A The Angel in The Fountain
  47-7523 B Solo Per Te
  47-7554 A Pistol Packin` Mama
  47-7554 B Have Another
  47-7641 A All Because it's Christmas
  47-7641 B Santa Nicola
  47-7689 A Remember This Gumba
  47-7689 B Guarda Che Luna
  47-8716 A Six O'Clock Supper
  47-8716 B Mama Get The Hammer
  47-8754 A Oh Lonesome Me
  47-8754 B Paul Revere's Horse
  47-8831 A Makin' Whoopee
  47-8831 B Cheech the Cat
  47-9021 A Oh How I Miss You Tonight
  47-9021 B Seventeen
  47-9216 A When You Get what You Want
  47-9216 B There'll Be Some Changes Made
  47-9328 A Digga Digga Baby
  47-9328 B A Girl, A Girl
  47-9405 A I Don't Play With Matches Anymore
  47-9405 B All For The Kids
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  R-6600 A Goombar Custer?s Last Stand
  R-6600 B Tattooed Susie
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  241 A Down Little Doggie
  241 B La Luna Si Cuole Sposare
  267 A A Baby Cried
  267 B Rooster And The Hen
  284 A Hello Dolly
  284 B Jungle Louie
  302 A Too Fat Polka
  302 B You're So Bella Isabella
  326 A I Want To Hold Your Hand (Italian Style)
  326 B My Paisan's Across The Way
  352 A I Know How You Feel
  352 B Mixed Up Bull From Palermo
  384 A No, No Don?t Cry, My Love
  384 B Don?t Wish Your Heartbreak On Me
  R-20015 A A Good Man is Hard to Find
  R-20015 B Sixteen Tons
  R-20037 A Oh! My Pa-Pa, O Mio Papa
  R-20037 B Tici Ti Tici To Tici Ta
  R-20044 A Twist Italiano
  R-20044 B Oh Tessie
  R-20085 A Please Mr. Columbus (Turn the Ship Around)
  R-20085 B Addio, Addio
  R-20106 (PS) A Pepino The Italain Mouse
  R-20106 (PS) B What Did Washington Say (When he Crossed The
  R-20146 (PS) A Pepino?s Friend Pasqual (The Italian Pussy-Cat)
  R-20146 (PS) B I Like You, You Like Me, Eh Paisan
  R-20171 A Bossa Nova Italiano
  R-20171 B Limbo Italiano
  R-20193 A Paulucci
  R-20193 B You're So Smart, You?re So Smart, Eh Papa
  R-20219 A Who Stole My Provolone
  R-20219 B Hootennany Italian Style
  R-4253 A Darktown Strutters? Ball
  R-4253 B Half A Love*
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  R-4266 A Bim Bam Bu
  R-4266 B Oh, Oh, Rosie
  R-4294 A The Huckle-Buck
  R-4294 B Always You
  R-4308 A Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey
  R-4308 B Christmas at Our House
  R-4366 A The Sheriff Of Sicily
  R-4366 B Katareena

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