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Texas Jean Valli

About The Artist

Texas Jean Valli - 1954 Jean Valli was a well-known hillbilly-singer in the 1950s. At one time she had her own band. She accampanied herself with a bass fiddle and guitar. She was known as a top Yodeler, singer, author and composer of western songs. She appeared with such stars as Elton Britt, Hank Williams, Milton Berle, Smiley Burnett Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper and Kate Smith.

Other television appearances in the 1950s included the ABC network show, "Hormell Girl's Show" and "Uncle Tom George's NBC Country Talent Search."

She first got attention when she was 11 or 12 years old with her singing and musical talents. Her family decided to help her develop those talents a bit. She worked hard and was gaining recognition and praise that she decied to try working on the stage as a profession.

Her parents had an initial misgiving about her choice at the time. But they relented and put a condition on her start that if she didn't do well and keep up a high standard, she would give it up. But, she did well in her debut and her parents were proud of her talents. After that, her parents were easily reconciled to their daughter's choice of a profession.

A song folio from 1954 displays her songwriting talents which included:

  • The Pen That Pierced My Heart
  • It's Just A Lonely World
  • Just a Fool
  • He Was My Son
  • There's No More Love

Texas Jean Valli Song Folio

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup; No. 21; December 1952; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT
  • Rustic Rhythm; Vol 1, No.4; July 1957;

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