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Pat Buttram
Born:  June 19, 1915
Died:  January 8, 1994
WLS National Barn Dance

About The Artist

He could be heard on the early morning shows or at noon and occasionally on the Barn Dance. He brought some choice backwoods humor of the old South to his performances. They said he often got asked, "Is that his natural voice or is he just putting on?" He was a natural.

Had a unique description of his 'potato-floater', but we don't know what that was. He was quite a philosopher on top of being a comedian.

He also used his comedy talents on occasion as the master of ceremonies for the Barn Dance show. His '...uncertain voice wends its way through side-splitting comedy ever Saturday night.'

Back around 1939, he had his own program called "Buttram's Palatial Palace of Wonders."

Timeline and Trivia Notes

  • Native of Winston County, Alabama
  • Son of a rural minister

Appearance History This Month

March 3, 1936
Highland Theatre Chicago, IL
WLS On Parade
March 5, 1936
Stratford Theatre Chicago, IL
WLS On Parade
March 1, 1938
St. Bonaventure College Sturtevant, WI
WLS Artists
March 6, 1938
Mar Theater Wilmington, IL
WLS Merry-Go-Round
March 9, 1938
North Center Theater; Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL
The WLS National Barn Dance Show
March 14, 1938
Majestic Theater Bloomington, IL
WLS National Barn Dance Show
March 20, 1938
Paramount Theater Marion, IN
WLS National Barn Dance Show
March 24, 1938
Paramount Theater Kankakee, IL
Barn Dance

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