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George Goebel
Born:  May 20, 1919
Died:  February 24, 1991
WLS National Barn Dance
KMOX St. Louis, MO
WDOD Chattanooga, TN
WENR Chicago, IL
WLS Chicago, IL
WMAQ Chicago, IL

Georgie Goebel

Back in 1934, they called him "Little Georgie Goebel" and was the youngest of the crew and said to be one of the best loved. The picture above was when he was 14 years old. Started singing on WLS when he was 13. They said that if you ever heard him sing "Danny Boy" you were sure to never forget it. He sang cowboy ballads so well on the Barn Dance shows that Hal (O'Hallorhan) called him "our little cowboy".

Along about 1937 or so, they noted that Georgie's voice had changed from soprano to tenor. They used to call him the 'littlest cowboy', but he outgrew that.

George must have grew up in a hurry, for at a very young age, learned to fly and owned his own airplane!

Later on in life, he ventured into other areas of show business and was quite a comic. Those who were lucky enough to watch Johnny Carson's show one time when he was on with Dean Martin and Bob Hope will remember he was able to get everyone roaring. You can see that appearance on Johnny's show in one of those Videos of the Best of Johnny Carson.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

  • Started with the Barn Dance as a teen ager back in the mid-1930's

Credits & Sources

  • From WLS Family Album 1934, Published by WLS, the Prairie Farmer Station, 1230 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois.

Appearance History This Month
August 8, 1937
Magee Theater
Evansville, WI
WLS Smile-A-While Gang
August 10, 1937
Fulton County Fair
Lewistown, IL
WLS National Barn Dance
August 11, 1937
Telle Park
Paxton, IL
WLS National Barn Dance
August 12, 1937
Chautauqua Park
Pontiac, IL
WLS Smile-A-While Gang
August 14, 1937
Dane County Fair
Madison, WI
WLS National Barn Dance
August 15, 1937
Tri-Stae Fair
Superior, WI
WLS National Barn Dance
August 16, 1937
Wadena County Free Fair
Wadena, MN
WLS On Parade
August 17, 1937
Mankato Fair
Mankato, MN
WLS On Parade
August 20, 1937
Vermillion County Fair
Cayuga, IN
WLS Roundup
August 24, 1937
Great Darke County Fair
Greenville, OH
WLS Merry-Go-Round
August 27, 1937
Harrison County Fair
Corydon, IN
WLS Barn Dance
August 28, 1937
Antioch County Fair
Antioch, IL
August 29, 1937
Grant County Fair
Fairmount, IN
WLS National Barn Dance
August 30, 1937
Graham Farms Fair
Washington, IN
WLS National Barn Dance
August 31, 1937
Washtenaw County Fair
Ann Arbor, MI
WLS National Barn Dance

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Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8156 A Billy Richardson's Last Ride
  8156 B Berry Picking Time
  8157 A A Cowboy's Best Friend Is His Horse
  8157 B Night Herding Song

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