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Shorty Long
Born:  October 31, 1923
Died:  October 25, 1991
WEEU Reading, PA
WFIL Philadelphia, PA
WHOL Allentown, PA
WLS Chicago, IL
WPAZ Pottstown, PA
WSAN Allentown, PA
WVLV Lebanon, PA

About The Artist

Shorty Long and the Santa Fe Rangers A native of Reading, Pennsylvania, Shorty Long was the leader and organizer of the Santa Fe Rangers. When he was just 14, his parents, who were musically inclined, sent him to study music at the College of Rome where he got an education in classical music. They said he graduated cum laude as a violinst. During that time it seems he had formed a hillbilly music band that shocked his 'serious- minded' parents and the professors. That classical musical training just added to the bands musical sounds.

Shorty Long could also play the accordion, and sang both solo and tenor lead in his combo. He was with radio station WEEU in Reading from about 1946 and by 1951, seemed to be still there. His fan mail was said to be phenomenal.

Santa Fe Ranch

Prior to returning to his hometown of Reading, he had also appeared on the WSIL Hayloft Hoedown and also the WLS National Barn Dance during the Alka-Seltzer sponsored portions. He also played to rave reviews at New York City's Paramount Theatre when he was featured with the Foy Willing Trio on the Andrew Sisters' "Eight-To-The-Bar Ranch Show".

Santa Fe Ranch

Shorty spent his summers at his Santa Fe Ranch which was on Rt. 422 just outside of Reading. It may have been some place where entertainment was held as they mention he played host to the big names in the entertainment field. He also appeared in the movie, "Powder River Gunfire".

He had also just signed a recording contract with RCA Victor then, too. And in his song folio of 1951, was a recent addition to the King record label.

And from what we could tell in the song folio, Shorty appears to have been married to Dolly Dimples. However, we could find no mention of the names of the band members.

Santa Fe Ranch

Credits & Sources

  • Shorty Long Song Folio; 1951; Tannen Music, Inc.; Keys Music, Inc.; 146 West 54th Street, New York 19, NY.
  • Country Song Roundup No. 5; April 1950; Charlton Publishing Corp.; Derby, CT.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  CR-201 A Blue Ranger (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  CR-201 B Side Saddle Joe (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  CR-202 A I Round Up The Stars (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  CR-202 B You've Got My Heart In Trouble (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  CR-203 A Blue Rose Of The Rio (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  CR-203 B I'll Still Go On Loving You (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  46139 A Sweeter Than The Flowers (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  46139 B I Love You So Much, It Hurts (w/Santa Fe Rangers)
  46142 A Yesterday's Mail
  46142 B Tennessee Moon
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1154 A Pretend
  1154 B Crying Street Guitar Waltz
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  874 A Because The One I Love Has Said Good-bye
  874 B Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
  889 A Foolish Pride
  889 B Calm, Cool and Collected
  906 A No Wars In Heaven
  906 B Don't Tell My Mommy
  923 A Blinding Tears
  923 B Mama
  949 A Hillbilly Wedding (w/Dolly Dimples)
  949 B I Miss You So (w/Dolly Dimples)
  953 A Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee
  953 B Just Like Two Drops of Water
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-6472 A Hey, Doll Baby
  20-6472 B Luscious
  20-6572 A Burnt Toast And Black Coffee
  20-6572 B Vacation Rock
  20-6804 A Another Love Has Ended
  20-6804 B Little White Horse
  20-6873 A I'd Crawl Back If I Could
  20-6873 B You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1014 A Air Mail Special On The Fly
  1014 B After All These Years
  1015 A The Miner's Song
  1015 B Sweet Corrina Blues
  1023 A I Hang My Head and Cry (w/Riley Shepard)
  1023 B That Ain't Right (w/Riley Shepard)
  1030 A Sailor's Hornpipe (w/Riley Shepard)
  1030 B Turkey In The Straw (w/Riley Shepard)
  1031 A Shepard's Schottische (w/Riley Shepard)
  1031 B The Devil's Dream (w/Riley Shepard)
  1032 A Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay (w/Riley Shepard)
  1032 B Boil Them Cabbage Down. (Hoe Down) (w/Riley Shepard)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4X-0024 A Standing In The Station
  4X-0024 B Make With Me De Love
  4X-0039 A Cry Cry Darlin'
  4X-0039 B Hi-Yi

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