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Jimmie Osborne
Born:  April 8, 1923
Died:  December 26, 1957
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WLS National Barn Dance
WSM Grand Ole Opry
WKLO Louisville, KY
WLAP Lexington, KY
WLEX Lexington, KY

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1363 A Blue Days And Lonely Nights
  1363 B Invest Your Little Heart In Mine
  1412 A Married On Paper
  1412 B When You Told Me That You Love Me, How You Lied
  1484 A Too Many Friends
  1484 B You Can't Sometimes Hardly Ever Tell
  1501 A Victims Of An Innocent Dance
  1501 B A Sinner's Love Affair
  715 A My Heart Echoes
  715 B Your Lies Have Broken My Heart
  725 A Forever Far Apart
  725 B It's So Hard To Smile
  736 A Mom Is Dying Tonight
  736 B A Vacant Sign Upon My Heart
  768 A Son, Please Meet Me In Heaven
  768 B Not Unloved Nor Unclaimed
  788 A The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus
  788 B A Bundle Of Kisses
  817 A Your Lovin' And Huggin'
  831 A Forever And Ever
  831 B I'm Gonna Strut My Stuff
  863 A What A Price To Pay For Love
  863 B You're The Only Angel
  878 A You Get The Roses, I Get The Thorns
  878 B Helpless Heart
  893 A The Moon Is Weeping Over You
  893 B God, Please Protect America
  908 A Old Family Bible
  908 B Thank God For Victory In Korea
  926 A The Door To My Heart
  926 B No Longer An Orphan
  942 A My Saddest Mistake (Took My Son From Me)
  942 B No Bitter Tears
  958 A I Hate To Be Jealous
  958 B Tell Me Daddy
  971 A The Arm Of God
  971 B He'll Come Like A Thief In The Night
  988 A Voice Of Free America
  988 B It's Just A Habit

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