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Bonnie Lou
Born:  November 27, 1924
Died:  December 8, 2015
WLW Midwestern Hayride
KMBC Kansas City, MO
WJBC Bloomington, IL
WLS Chicago, IL
WLW Cincinnati, OH
WMBD Peoria, IL

About The Artist

Two big influences in the career of Bonnie Lou were a Swiss grandmother and a guitar from a pawn shop. Early on, she was taking violin lessons paid for by her mother and stayed with it for about fiver years. When she was 11 though, she decided she wanted to take up the guitar. Her mother then went and got her one for a few bucks at a local pawn shop.

She started singing and yodeling over radio station WJBC in Bloomington, Illinois where she stayed until she graduated from high school. From there, she moved on to KMBC in Kansas City, Missouri, appearing with the Rhythm Rangers and on such shows as the KMBC Brush Creek Follies. She stayed with that group for about two years, which included working on a network show called "Safebrush Follies".

Around 1945 or so, WLW's talent scout, Bill McCluskey was looking for a female who could sing and yodel. When he heard Bonnie Lou, he hired her. By May 1945, she had moved to WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio and was starring on the WLW Midwestern Hayride.

That same year, she also married her husband, Glen Ewins, who had just returned from a four year stint in the military service. By 1953, they had a little girl named Connie Jo that was born on September 18 (we're assuming it was 1953).

Bonnie Lou stayed with WLW for about a year and a half. Her husband then got a position with a bank in Bloomington, Illinois and so, Bonnie Lou moved back to the town where her career started and WJBC. Achieved some fame on the WLW Midwestern Hayride. Was known as an accomplished Swiss yodeler as well as singing ballad type songs. She also achieved some success in the early rockabilly or pop music, too.

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No.28; September 1953, American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1192 A Seven Lonely Days
  1192 B Just Out Of Reach
  1237 A Hand-Me Down Heart
  1237 B Tennessee Wig Walk
  1384 A Tell The World
  1384 B Darlin' Why
  1414 A Tennessee Mambo
  1414 B Train Whistle Blues
  1436 A Tweedlee Dee
  1436 B The Finger Of Suspicion
  1445 A A Rusty Old Halo
  1445 B Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
  1476 A Old Faithful And True Love
  1476 B Drop Me A Line
  1506 A Miss The Love (That I've Been Dreaming Of)
  1506 B Barnyard Hop
  4835 A Daddy-O
  4835 B Dancin' In My Socks
  5009 A I Want You
  5009 B Easy Love Easy Kisses
  5033 A Kit 'N Kaboodle
  5033 B Takes Two
  5063 A Teenage Wedding
  5063 B Runnin' Away
  5094 A I'm Available
  5094 B Waiting In Vain
  5425 A Tweedle Dee
  5425 B Daddy-O
  5865 A Tennessee Wig Walk
  5865 B Seven Lonely Day
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  6183 A Lonesome Day
  6183 B Teardrops Falling In The Snow
  6227 A Meet Me, Jesus
  6227 B Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  R-4012 A A Rusty Old Halo
  R-4012 B Danger! Heartbreak Ahead

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