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Faron Young
Born:  February 25, 1932
Died:  December 10, 1996
Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame (2000)
Country Music Hall of Fame (2000)
Shreveport Walk of Stars (2006)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About The Artist

Faron Young was a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and early on seemed destined to become one of the legendary singing stars of the hillbilly music era.

As a teenager, he had ambitions to become a radio announcer, but when he took up high school, he changed his mind and decided he wanted to be a singer. It seemed singing was something that Faron had done a lot of but had never considered that it could be a career. But he organized a hillbilly band in high school. They played for all the school's social functions, the local old folks homes and Veterans hospitals or just about any place you could round up a crowd in those days.

After graduating from high school, Faron lost his interest in music temporarily; seemingly a few disappointments helped this along. At that point, he started attending college. But shortly after entering college and the studies life, the 5 foot 8 singer returned to something he found that he loved more - music. He won a trial audition over the Louisiana Hayride program and began appearing each Saturday night in Shreveport, Louisiana.

He did so well that KWKH gave him his own morning show. Webb Pierce was probably first to notice this fellow's talents and gave him a job in his band and singing at all their personal appearances.

A few months later, Capitol's A&.R man, Mr. Ken Nelson, while on a tour heard Faron performing on the Louisiana Hayride and immediately signed him to a long term contract. His first record for Capitol was a tune he would begin using as his band's theme - "Have I Waited Too Long".

Then, he achieved another ambition as many hillbilly artists had at that time - the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville came calling. After joining the Opry, his career began growing at an even busier pace, doing a morning radio show, a weekly television show, writing songs and making personal appearances.

Later on the Singing Sheriff, as he became known, showed some business acumen, he founded the long time country music publication, The Music City News, (it was the subject of a Buck Owens parody song "The Cover of the Music City News") that later teamed up with TNN on television for the annual Music City News Country Music Awards that were voted by the fans. He also helped other country music artists along the way and with one of them, the legendary Charley Pride, was inducted into Country Music's Hall of Fame in 2000.

Credits & Sources

  • Portions based on Country Song Roundup No. 22, February 1953, American Folk Publications, Inc., Derby, CT.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  13425 A Forgive Me Dear
  13425 B Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
  2039 A Tattle Tale Tears
  2039 B Have I Waited Too Long?
  2171 A Saving My Tears
  2171 B What Can I Do With My Sorrow?
  2299 A Goin' Steady
  2299 B Just Out Of Reach
  2461 A I Can't Wait
  2461 B What's The Use To Love You?
  2629 A I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You
  2629 B You're The Angel On My Christmas Tree
  2690 A Just Married
  2690 B I Hardly Knew It Was You
  2859 A In The Chapel In The Moonlight
  2859 B A Place For Girls Like You
  2953 A If You Ain't Lovin'
  2953 B If That's The Fashion
  3169 A Go Back You Fool
  3169 B All Right
  3369 A I've Got Five Dollars And Its Saturday Night
  3369 B You're Still Mine
  CL-14336 (Eng) A Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
  CL-14336 (Eng) B Forgive Me, Dear
  CL-14655 (Eng) A I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night
  CL-14655 (Eng) B You're Still Mine
  CL-14822 (Eng) A The Locket
  CL-14822 (Eng) B Snowball
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  72576 A Sweet Love and Happiness
  72617 A Unmitigated Gall
  72617 B Some of Your Memoriees (Hurt Me All of the Time)
  73191 A Step Aside
  73191 B Seems Like I'm Always Leaving

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