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Paul Hamblin
Born:  November 11, 1906
Died:  February 12, 1933
KFI Los Angeles, CA
KMPC Los Angeles, CA

About The Artist

(Benjamin) Paul Hamblin was born in Kanab, UT in 1906.

Paul Hamblin - picture acocmpanying obituary - February 1933 In 1930, the local Kane County (UT) newspaper reported that Paul had sent his dad a copy of a recording contract he had signed with the Victor recording company. He was to be paid $250 for every recording he made in 1930.

He married Beverly Dunham of Beverly, MA on July 25, 1930. It was reported that he courted her three years before his death. He escorted the Dunham family through the Utah country where Jacob Hamblin settled during the early Mormon emigration to Utah.

Paul suffered a kick t his spleen from a horse while trying to tame the wild horse. He was ill for a time, but his injuries proved fatal. Obituaries indicated he was known as a wild horse breaker, mountain lion hunter, motion picture stunt man. He was also a descendent of Jacob Hamblin, a pioneer settler of Utah. As early as September 1931, he was seeking treatment for his ailment. He and his wife flew to Massachusetts to seek out a doctor but the doctor was not available. They then found another doctor and was receiving treatments for his ailments. They returned from Boston in November and reports indicated he was doing much better.

Obituaries also gave him credit for writing the popular cowboy tune, "Strawberry Roan." But research shows that Fred Howard and Nat Vincent copyrighted the song in 1931. He recorded the tune on Vitor V-40260-A. The label credits show "Arranged by Paul Hamblin." He recorded the tune at the Hal Roach Studios in Culvery City, CA on March 21, 1930, accompanying himself on the guitar.

The local Kane County Standard newspaper in Utah included a tribute that appeared in the Sun Up Magazine in Short Creek, Arizona. The tribute:

Cliff-Land Bard
(To the late Paul Hamblin)

Just a plain man, and a plainsman,
He sang of wind-swept mesas
Of hourses and men and now and again,
Of maidens with smiling faces,
Just a rough lad, and a tough lad.
He sang as he faced the dangers
Of horses and men, and now and again,
His singing made friends of strangers.
He sang of the cliffs and canyons,
If horses and men, and he now, as then,
Will be cheering his new companions.

Victor 40260 - Strawberry Roan - Paul Hamblin - 1931

Credits & Sources

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  VI40260 A Under Dakota's Cross
  VI40260 B Strawberry Roan
  VI40280 A Prairie Maiden
  VI40280 B Fallen Leaf

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